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There's a lot of advice for new authors in this Internet Era. Have a Facebook fan page. Tweet like you'll save the world. Blog. Post daily content. (It doesn't even have to be yours as long as it's interesting.) Have an appealing and engaging author bio and build your online presence. After all, in world where everyone's screaming to get noticed, you have to yell longer and louder to succeed.

(Oh, and find some time to write too.)

That's not why I fell in love with books, and it's not why I write.

When I was younger, I enjoyed older books. The ones without cover art, without advertizing on the back. The books were just books, with a title on the cover and spine, inviting you to peek inside on their terms. Not frantically trying to catch someone's eye, but worlds content with themselves and confident in their value for those who chose to explore. That's what books are for me: polite invitations with the strength of character to not be offended when declined.

As for why I write…that inspiration came from a passage in The Death Gate Cycle, where it's said the language of the Sartan is so magical that it conjures images in the minds of listeners, and skilled orators can weave the words so as to evoke anything. (And with that, the responsbility to not twist the truth.)

Writing's not about me as a person, not about my hopes and past and fears and accomplishments. It's not about what I have to say, or about telling a great story (though I have spent a long time learning how to tell stories). It's about saying something that's not just true, but something that matters.

And along the way, maybe some sideways humor that will make you smile.

So no in-depth blurbs detailing my history and quirks. No social media tie-ins to provide relevance and demand attention. No endless reblogs of list articles, nerd humor and scientific discoveries.

Just words to explode. If you like them, feel free to share.

(And a thanks to Lost & Taken for the free textures used on this site.)


To contact me, try chriswsh (at) chriswsh -dot- com.