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26th of May 2016

This world of ours is noise on noise,
A crackling static that lurches from ear to ear.

Air brakes rumbling down a country highway.
Endless political pundits yammering on and on...


15th of May 2016

I recently watched Captain America: Civil War and was quite impressed by the writing, particularly the miniature character arc between Sam and Bucky. I also watched Minions on Netflix, and am still laughing at the Corgi polo. I just needed to point that out. (Spoilers ahead, and I'm assuming you've seen the movie, so I'll be brief.)

Avengers Assemble!
Found at

Best. Day. Ever.

2nd of May 2016

Today I learned that not only is squircular a real word, but it's also a technical term. I didn't stop laughing for hours! Better yet, they come in two varieties: plain vanilla and Fernandez Guasti. The latter is for discerning gentlemen with class.

They look a bit like this:


Another Fallow Period

24th of Apr 2016

I looked at my blogroll and realized it's been over a month since I last posted. Apologies. Life has been busy.


5th of Mar 2016

I recently signed up in for a 30-day in-your-email book marketing course from Bad Redhead Media. Book marketing is something I feel like I should be doing, since I have a book and not trying—if you believe the blogosphere—is the equivalent of intentional failure.

There were lots of good ideas about social media use and website optimization. But exactly how to do it without sacrificing too much time and energy to the gods of consumerism?