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Escapism and Vampires

6th of Sep 2014

Recently, I've been thinking again about escapism in literature. Something about it bothers me, and I'm not sure what. On the surface, all stories can be escapist—reading for entertainment is much different from reading to learn, and everyone needs a break from day-to-day minutiae. On the other hand, some of the more dedicated escapism come across like coping strategies that are awkwardly intense.

Holy #@%&balls, Bat-spam

1st of Sep 2014

Last week, I got an email from my ISP saying the MySQL storage was so great, it could potentially violate the terms of service. That's not good. Upon poking around in the backend, I discovered that there were over 250,000 spam comments on an article that's not even publicly findable through any links on this site, and 33,000+ registered spam users. Holy #@%&balls, Bat-spam.

I couldn't even delete the spam-banged content because it had so many comments the CMS gave up and cried.

Peace in the Middle East and Mechanical Spiders

16th of Aug 2014

Today I was hanging out with my girlfriend, ranting about various subjects, and the conversation turned toward the Middle East. Specifically, how best to bring peace to that area. An intriguing idea was brought up.

Perfection and Philosophy

6th of Aug 2014

(Note: My hosting service migrated my site to another server yesterday, and it locked out the site. Apologies to anyone who stopped by.)

Every so often, I write a post with the philosophy tag and I'm always uncomfortable doing so. Philosophy is so much more than stating an opinion or simplified approach to life. It's examining ideas, ideas in action, and the implications/results of ideas. A single, reasonably sized blog post can't do much more than introduce an idea (and maybe support the idea with a few illustrative examples). Not much insight can be found or shared, especially compared to the Dialogues, Summa Theologica or any other major philosophical work.