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Terry Pratchett Is No more

14th of Mar 2015

Love the books. Rest in peace. Another flower fades.

Socially Acceptable

11th of Mar 2015

It bothers me that so many insults are based on prejudice. I suppose that's why insults were invented, but it does make it harder to flip societal power structures. There are many slurs against homosexuals, but almost none against heterosexuals. That's a shame. If our society can't aim for love and tolerance, perhaps we should settle for equality.

Then again, biscuit nebbish could become hate speech if the right (wrong) people use it enough. It's all context.


28th of Feb 2015

"-osphere" is, quite possibly, the most scientific morpheme in the English language. You've got a biosphere, geosphere, lithosphere, cryosphere, chromosphere, photosphere, rhizosphere, asthenosphere, inosophere, photosphere, even a noosphere. I don't know what all those words mean, but I'm sure that there has been at least one research grant awarded for the study of each of them. Because they're important (science says so).

And then you've got the blogosphere. It just sounds bloated.

This Is Not the World I'm Looking For

17th of Feb 2015

This seems a thinking week. Or a cynical, complaining one. The two may very well be the same thing. I was reading about video game addiction, and thinking that it might explain much of the strangeness around tabletop gaming as well. Especially the idea that video game addiction is an addiction to feeling powerful, important.

The +5 Cranky Pants of Introspection

16th of Feb 2015

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you've may have gotten the justifiable impression that I'm not always in a good mood. Part of that is the book I'm writing. It's a first person POV with a bitter, cynical protagonist and it can be hard to keep that from bleeding over.