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Poisoned by These Fairy Tales

26th of Jan 2015

I've been having trouble sleeping lately, The End of the Innocence has been stuck in my head for the last five days and revising hasn't been happening. I did push myself too hard exercising, which doesn't help, but this degree of block usually means something else is bothering me. As with other irksome ineffables, I probably won't have any clue what it is until it's passed.



4th of Jan 2015

In my short span upon this world I have striven to accumulate what might, in a nobler time and place, as well as a nobler man, be considered wisdom. In that time, if I have discovered but one poetic truth worthy of passing along, it is this:

There will always be new and interesting ways to be a jackass.
Most of those ways are free.
Thus human society.

Dutch Oven of Love

20th of Dec 2014

This week at work, the conversation turned toward poetry. Angie mentioned a poem by James L. Dickey called "Falling". I tried to read it. It did not go well.

Back to Basics

13th of Dec 2014

Recently, I've been trying to get back to basics, finding the spark of joy in words again. I have a tendency to sound more depressing/depressed than I intend, so I hope this comes across as...not a cry for help, basically. I even had a good time at Thanksgiving, seeing my family, but after seeing a few too many Black Friday commercials I didn't want to repeat the economically co-opted family values that sound so trite coming from a 30-second ad voiceover.

Thanks and Thoughts

29th of Nov 2014

Now that the gods of Commercialism and Debt, those high powers who have usurped metaphysical control of the holy day Thanksgiving, have been appeased, perhaps it is time to be thankful. Knowing what human nature is like, and how the specter of social expectation tramples authenticity, I would prefer not to repeat the saccharine and trite.

Gratitude is a strange beast, and is much more than the comfort of familiarity.