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Examining a Life

16th of Jul 2014

One of the perennial refrains of spiritual wisdom is that life is not about finding a box, and then spending the rest of your life fitting into that box. It's about discovering (and being) who you are, then trusting life to guide you where you fit. One of those aphorisms that people love to quote and appear profound, but is very difficult to achieve in practice. I have a hard time applying that to my writing, not least because of my artistic temperament.

Making Things!

6th of Jul 2014

I have been making things! Both alone and in a group! Behold the majesty of The Waiting Room, created with the assistance of the Spokes Writers Guild! It is fairly self-explanatory.

And Now For Something Completely Different

11th of Jun 2014

We take a break from the regularly scheduled programming of taking things seriously to bring you the following news updates:

The world's top culinary scientists have used the Seasoning Super Collider (SSC) to demonstrate that when an atom of lunch collides with an atom of anti-lunch, they annihilate in a shower of quantum croutons. Results regarding ranch and bleu cheese dressing are, as of yet, inconclusive.

Equal Treatment

12th of May 2014

I saw a feminist-leaning Facebook thread recently that expressed umbrage of asshole men, yet again, trivializing women's experience and emotions. The story went a bit like this:

Woman expresses stress, worry and angst about her life. Man tells women, "You just need to get laid." Woman gets offended at this sexualized dismissal of her emotions.